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Los Angeles Child Support Lawyer

If parents cannot agree on the amount of financial support that should be provided by the non-custodial parent for a child in a California divorce or legal separation, then the courts will decide. The court will take into consideration many factors in its calculation of child support based on a statewide formula or guideline.

California Child Support Calculation

Child support calculation is based on the following factors:

  • Amount of money the parents earn or can earn
  • Other income the parents take in
  • Number of children involved
  • Money each parent spends on the child
  • Health insurance expenses and uninsured health expenses
  • Support that is received for the child from other sources
  • Cost of daycare

Child support may also include the cost of transporting the child between one parent and the other, educational expenses, and other special needs where applicable. Child support generally lasts until the child is 18. A parent can ask for a child support order from the court when a divorce or legal separation takes place, when parentage is established, as in a paternity case, or when a domestic violence restraining order has been issued.

Importance of Legal Representation

If you need legal assistance with a child support issue stemming from a divorce or legal separation, it is advisable to contact a knowledgeable Los Angeles child support attorney at our offices today. Because we deal exclusively with family law matters, such as child support issues, we are well-versed in the laws relating to them and can provide the legal knowhow and resources needed to resolve such matters. Beyond this, we emphasize personalized attention for all of our clients. We will work closely with you to achieve your objectives and a favorable outcome for your case.

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