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Modification of Settlement Agreements

You may wish to make changes to the terms of your divorce agreement or settlement after your divorce. Many changes in your circumstances may prompt this desire, including a change in your income due to job loss, reduction of pay, or some other circumstance. Your children may require more support due to increased educational, medical, or other expenses. Regardless of the reasons why, you will need to draw up a revised agreement with the help of a qualified Los Angeles divorce lawyer to ensure that your new agreement will not cause further problems for you in the future. This is the service provided by the attorneys at our firm.

At our firm, we deal exclusively with family law and divorce issues, which give us an edge. We are thoroughly familiar with California divorce law and the court systems involved with these cases. With our extensive knowledge and skills in this field, we can provide outstanding legal service to our clients, along with an emphasis on personalized attention.

Modification of Divorce Settlement

If you and your spouse agree on the new terms of the divorce settlement, then it can be filed with the court by your divorce attorney so that it becomes court-ordered. If you and your spouse don't agree on the changes you want to make, then you will need to work with an attorney at our firm who will help to try to resolve your differences by working with your ex-spouse's attorney or representative. Even if these differences cannot be resolved, your divorce lawyer can still file a motion with the court. At a hearing with the court, your attorney must present evidence justifying your reasons for the modifications.

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