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Paternity: Determining Father's Rights

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Paternity suits establish the legal rights and responsibilities of fathers in regards to their children. Once a man has been established as the legal father of a child, he may be obligated to pay child support and be granted visitation rights. Paternity suits may be filed on behalf of mothers seeking to collect back child support and arrange for future child support. They may be filed on behalf of alleged fathers seeking to prove or disprove their paternity.

In some cases, an alleged father may be the victim of paternity fraud and may seek to establish that he is not a father who is obligated to pay child support. In other cases, a father may wish to establish that he is the biological father of a child in order to play a part in the child's life and be afforded the rights and privileges of fatherhood.

How to File for Paternity

When a child is born to unmarried couples, they may seek to establish their rights and obligations by filing a Complaint to Establish Parental Relations with the court. A man who is said to be the father of such a child may prove or disprove his fatherhood by taking a DNA blood or saliva test. If the father is challenging the accusation of paternity, he may have to pay child support while the case is ongoing. However, if it is proved that he is not the father, child support already paid may be returned to him.

Qualified and Dedicated Representation

Regardless of what side of the paternity issue you may be on, our firm may be able to help you. We have assisted innumerable clients in all aspects of family law matters, including paternity suits. We can arrange for paternity tests to establish the facts and ensure that the results become legally binding. We can follow through with legal action to seek child support and visitation rights. Right from the outset, we can advise you on laws regarding paternity in California.

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