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Spousal Support

Effective Counsel From A Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer

In a California divorce or legal separation, one spouse may be ordered by the court to provide spousal support for the other. This will generally consist of a specified amount of money each month. Temporary spousal support may be ordered while the case is ongoing. When the divorce is final, the amount of spousal support ordered will be determined by a judge based on a number of factors.

The founding attorney at our firm may be able to assist you with any spousal support issue stemming from your divorce or separation. Our firm focuses on family law matters only. Thus, our legal staff has extensive knowledge regarding all aspects of family law, including spousal support. Because we are an intimate boutique firm, we offer outstanding client service in terms of responsiveness and attention. At our firm, you will work closely with your family lawyer. Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives in whatever family law issue you are facing.

Factors that Determine Amount of Support

The factors generally considered by a court in California spousal support are how long the couple has been married, what each person needs, what each person can pay, the age and health of the divorcing couple, whether or not working by one spouse would interfere in a child's care, the debts and property of the couple, whether one spouse helped the other get an education, training, or professional license, whether domestic violence played a part in the marriage, whether one spouse's career was affected by staying home to care for children, and the tax impact of the support on one or both of the spouses.

Spousal support ends when the court order states that it ends or when the dependent spouse remarries. Modifications of settlement agreements can, however, be sought and established with appropriate legal action. You can learn more about your particular spousal support issue by consulting with a knowledgeable Los Angeles divorce attorney at our office.

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