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Non-Custodial Parents' Rights

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In a divorce where one parent is granted physical custody of a child or children, the non-custodial parent is generally granted visitation rights. Whatever is written into the court order regarding child custody and visitation, called a parenting plan or visitation schedule, is what can later be enforced by law. Working out a feasible visitation schedule is extremely important for divorcing couples. The schedule must be reasonable and be spelled out in detail, to the point of specific days and times so that, if conflicts should arise between the divorced spouses, there is no room for doubt.

Attaining Visitation Privileges

Visitation rights should be spelled out in the court order. They should detail out various regulations and specifics concerning matters, including:

  • Delineating the days and time to be spent with the non-custodial parent
  • What holidays will be spent
  • Exact days and times when these holidays will begin and end
  • What contact the child or children will have with the non-custodial parent when they are separated such as phone calls
  • What participation the non-custodial parent will take in school and other activities
  • His or her right to be informed of such activities by the custodial parent
  • Access to school and medical records
  • A statement as to who will provide transportation of children back and forth, especially if the parents live far apart

Visitation rights are a separate issue from child support. Any non-custodial parent cannot withhold child support as a punishment or remedy for a violation of his or her visitation rights. Talking to a Los Angeles divorce attorney who has dealt with these kinds of cases will help you gain the information and counsel you need to rectify, change, or resolve any visitation rights issue.

Obtain the Help You Deserve

If you live in Los Angeles and need legal assistance with a visitation issue stemming from your divorce, legal separation, or paternity case, contact the our office as soon as possible. He will conduct an initial consultation with you to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding your situation after which he can determine what legal steps need to be taken on your behalf.

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